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2064: Read Only Memories

PS4 PS Vita
Total player count
as of 1 October 2019
New players
1 Sep – 1 Oct
including new players

Number of players by platform

Some gamers can play on both platforms, so the whole can be less or more than the sum of its parts.

Total player count PlayStation 4 200,000 99%
PlayStation Vita 2,700 1.3%
New players PlayStation 4 +2,200 94%
PlayStation Vita +100 6%
MAU PlayStation 4 2,600 93%
PlayStation Vita 200 7%

Total player count by date and platform

Note: so far every number between the starting and ending point means “at least X players that day”. The graph is getting more accurate with every update.
Usually the starting date is the date of the first trophy earned.

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PS4 PS Vita

91,000 players (46%)
earned at least one trophy

~100% players
have other games besides 2064: Read Only Memories on their account

108 games
the median number of games on accounts with 2064: Read Only Memories

Popularity by region

Relative popularity
compared to other regions
Region's share
North America1.5x more popular40%
Central and South Americaworldwide average12%
Western and Northern Europeworldwide average31%
Eastern and Southern Europe2x more popular10%
Asia4x less popular1.5%
Middle East1.6x less popular2.5%
Australia and New Zealandworldwide average2.5%
South Africaworldwide average0.3%

Popularity by country

Relative popularity
compared to other countries
Country's share
Ukraine5x more popular0.9%
Russia3x more popular5%
Brazil3x more popular8%
Hungary2.5x more popular0.4%
Bulgaria2.5x more popular0.3%
Poland2.5x more popular2%
Finland2.5x more popular0.6%
Czech Republic2.5x more popular0.5%
Canada2x more popular4%
Romania1.9x more popular0.3%
Turkey1.7x more popular0.8%
Uruguay1.7x more popular0.1%
United Kingdom1.6x more popular9%
Ireland1.6x more popular0.6%
El Salvador1.6x more popular0.08%
Portugal1.5x more popular0.8%
Greece1.5x more popular0.4%
Germany1.4x more popular6%
United States1.4x more popular36%
Norway1.3x more popular0.5%
Australia1.3x more popular1.9%
Netherlands1.2x more popular1.4%
South Africa1.2x more popular0.3%
Italy1.2x more popular3%
Mexicoworldwide average1.5%
Argentinaworldwide average1.3%
Swedenworldwide average0.5%
Austriaworldwide average0.4%
Switzerlandworldwide average0.4%
Franceworldwide average5%
Spainworldwide average3%
Chileworldwide average0.6%
New Zealandworldwide average0.4%
Denmarkworldwide average0.3%
Costa Rica1.2x less popular0.1%
Israel1.2x less popular0.2%
Guatemala1.3x less popular0.05%
India1.3x less popular0.3%
Croatia1.4x less popular0.08%
Belgium1.4x less popular0.6%
Colombia1.5x less popular0.3%
Ecuador1.8x less popular0.08%
Saudi Arabia1.8x less popular0.9%
Emirates1.9x less popular0.4%
Peru2.5x less popular0.1%
Slovakia2.5x less popular0.03%
Oman3x less popular0.03%
Kuwait4x less popular0.05%
Japan4x less popular1.1%
South Korea14x less popular0.03%
Hong Kong30x less popular0.05%
Every number is ±10% (and bigger for small values).
Games images were taken from is not affiliated with Sony in any other way.