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Adventures of Mana

PS Vita
Total player count
as of 1 August 2019
New players
1 July – 1 Aug
including new players

Total player count by date

Note: so far every number between the starting and ending point means “at least X players that day”. The graph is getting more accurate with every update.
Usually the starting date is the date of the first trophy earned.

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PS Vita

42,000 players (97%)
earned at least one trophy

~100% players
have other games besides Adventures of Mana on their account

213 games
on a Adventures of Mana player's account on average

Popularity by country

Relative popularity
compared to other countries
Country's share
Japan 20x more popular 35%
Canada 3x more popular 4%
United States 2x more popular 35%
Denmark 1.8x more popular 0.4%
Belgium 1.7x more popular 0.9%
Brazil 1.6x more popular 3%
Turkey 1.5x more popular 0.4%
Germany 1.4x more popular 4%
Russia worldwide average 0.9%
United Kingdom worldwide average 4%
Mexico 1.2x less popular 0.9%
Hong Kong 1.2x less popular 0.4%
Emirates 1.3x less popular 0.3%
Spain 1.3x less popular 1.9%
Netherlands 1.3x less popular 0.6%
Australia 1.3x less popular 0.7%
Portugal 1.4x less popular 0.3%
France 1.7x less popular 2%
Poland 1.9x less popular 0.3%
Italy 2x less popular 0.7%
Sweden 2.5x less popular 0.1%
Saudi Arabia 4x less popular 0.3%
Argentina 6x less popular 0.1%
Chile not popular ~ 0%
Every number comes with ~10% margin of error. Also, bugs happen.
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