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Battlefield Hardline

Total player count
as of 1 August 2019
New players
1 July – 1 Aug
including new players

Number of players by platform

Some gamers can play on both platforms, so the whole can be less or more than the sum of its parts.

Total player count PlayStation 4 7,700,000 79%
PlayStation 3 2,000,000 21%
New players PlayStation 4 +52,000 75%
PlayStation 3 +17,000 25%
MAU PlayStation 4 86,000 77%
PlayStation 3 26,000 23%

Total player count by date and platform

Note: so far every number between the starting and ending point means “at least X players that day”. The graph is getting more accurate with every update.
Usually the starting date is the date of the first trophy earned.

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7,900,000 players (83%)
earned at least one trophy

17,000 accounts (0.2%)
with nothing but Battlefield Hardline

55 games
on a Battlefield Hardline player's account on average

Popularity by country

Relative popularity
compared to other countries
Country's share
Singapore 1.7x more popular 0.3%
Poland 1.6x more popular 1.6%
Indonesia 1.6x more popular 0.3%
Russia 1.6x more popular 2.5%
Switzerland 1.6x more popular 0.7%
Ukraine 1.6x more popular 0.2%
Hungary 1.5x more popular 0.2%
Czech Republic 1.5x more popular 0.4%
Malaysia 1.5x more popular 0.4%
Belgium 1.4x more popular 1.4%
Luxembourg 1.4x more popular 0.07%
Austria 1.4x more popular 0.6%
Brazil 1.3x more popular 5%
Germany 1.3x more popular 6%
Denmark 1.3x more popular 0.6%
Slovakia 1.3x more popular 0.08%
Turkey 1.2x more popular 0.7%
Netherlands 1.2x more popular 1.8%
Israel 1.2x more popular 0.2%
Sweden 1.2x more popular 0.8%
Paraguay worldwide average 0.05%
Thailand worldwide average 0.1%
Finland worldwide average 0.4%
United States worldwide average 36%
Emirates worldwide average 0.8%
Croatia worldwide average 0.1%
Canada worldwide average 3%
South Africa worldwide average 0.3%
Ireland worldwide average 0.5%
Japan worldwide average 3%
Slovenia worldwide average 0.03%
France worldwide average 7%
Norway worldwide average 0.4%
United Kingdom worldwide average 7%
Australia worldwide average 1.8%
Colombia worldwide average 0.5%
Greece worldwide average 0.4%
Lebanon worldwide average 0.07%
Kuwait worldwide average 0.2%
Italy worldwide average 2.5%
Chile worldwide average 0.8%
New Zealand worldwide average 0.4%
Saudi Arabia worldwide average 1.9%
Nicaragua worldwide average 0.01%
Argentina worldwide average 1.3%
Portugal worldwide average 0.7%
Romania worldwide average 0.2%
Oman worldwide average 0.05%
India 1.3x less popular 0.2%
Uruguay 1.3x less popular 0.04%
Bahrain 1.3x less popular 0.03%
Iceland 1.3x less popular 0.02%
Honduras 1.4x less popular 0.03%
Qatar 1.4x less popular 0.1%
Mexico 1.4x less popular 1.4%
Costa Rica 1.5x less popular 0.08%
Hong Kong 1.6x less popular 0.6%
Bulgaria 1.6x less popular 0.09%
El Salvador 1.6x less popular 0.03%
Guatemala 1.6x less popular 0.04%
Cyprus 1.6x less popular 0.03%
Spain 1.6x less popular 3%
Taiwan 1.7x less popular 0.1%
Panama 2x less popular 0.03%
Ecuador 2x less popular 0.07%
Malta 2x less popular 0.01%
Bolivia 2.5x less popular 0.01%
South Korea 3x less popular 0.09%
Peru 3x less popular 0.09%
China 11x less popular 0.03%
Every number comes with ~10% margin of error. Also, bugs happen.
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