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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [2019]

Total player count
as of 3 November 2019
New players
3 Oct – 3 Nov
including new players

Total player count by date

Usually the starting date is the date of the first trophy earned.

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2,600,000 players (44%)
earned at least one trophy

22,000 accounts (0.4%)
with nothing but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [2019]

37 games
the median number of games on accounts with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [2019]

3 days
the median retention period (between the first trophy and the last gaming session), players without trophies are excluded

Popularity by region

Relative popularity
compared to other regions
Region's share
North America4x more popular50%
Central and South America2.5x less popular1.8%
Western and Northern Europe2.5x more popular36%
Eastern and Southern Europe1.5x less popular0.7%
Asia1.2x less popular6%
Middle East1.8x less popular1.2%
Australia and New Zealand2.5x more popular4%
South Africa1.2x more popular0.2%

Popularity by country

Relative popularity
compared to other countries
Country's share
Luxembourg5x more popular0.07%
France5x more popular10%
Switzerland5x more popular0.7%
Australia5x more popular3%
Belgium4x more popular1.4%
United States4x more popular46%
Canada4x more popular4%
Netherlands4x more popular2%
Austria4x more popular0.6%
United Kingdom4x more popular10%
Germany4x more popular6%
Norway4x more popular0.5%
Ireland3x more popular0.5%
Finland3x more popular0.3%
Denmark3x more popular0.4%
Japan2.5x more popular5%
Sweden2.5x more popular0.5%
Hungary2x more popular0.08%
New Zealand1.9x more popular0.4%
Italy1.8x more popular1.3%
Spain1.7x more popular1.9%
Iceland1.6x more popular0.01%
South Africa1.5x more popular0.2%
Singapore1.4x more popular0.1%
Slovenia1.3x more popular0.01%
Greece1.2x more popular0.1%
Portugal1.2x more popular0.2%
Malta1.2x more popular0.01%
Cyprusworldwide average0.01%
South Koreaworldwide average0.2%
Mexicoworldwide average0.5%
Hong Kongworldwide average0.7%
Brazilworldwide average0.9%
Czech Republicworldwide average0.06%
Thailandworldwide average0.05%
Emiratesworldwide average0.3%
Croatiaworldwide average0.03%
Hondurasworldwide average0.01%
Panamaworldwide average0.02%
Israelworldwide average0.1%
El Salvadorworldwide average0.02%
Saudi Arabiaworldwide average0.6%
India1.2x less popular0.09%
Kuwait1.3x less popular0.07%
Bahrain1.3x less popular0.02%
Guatemala1.3x less popular0.02%
Poland1.3x less popular0.2%
Taiwan1.3x less popular0.1%
Indonesia1.6x less popular0.04%
Malaysia1.7x less popular0.05%
Qatar1.8x less popular0.03%
Chile1.8x less popular0.1%
Ukraine2x less popular0.03%
Romania2.5x less popular0.03%
Slovakia2.5x less popular0.01%
Nicaragua3x less popular0.01%
Bulgaria3x less popular0.01%
Lebanon3x less popular0.01%
Oman3x less popular0.01%
Bolivia3x less popular0.01%
Uruguay3x less popular0.01%
Turkey4x less popular0.06%
Ecuador4x less popular0.01%
Argentina4x less popular0.1%
Colombia4x less popular0.03%
Costa Rica4x less popular0.01%
Peru5x less popular0.02%
Paraguay6x less popular0.01%
Russia7x less popular0.1%
China9x less popular0.04%
Every number is ±10% (and bigger for small values).
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