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Crisis VRigade

Total player count
as of 1 December 2019
New players
1 Nov – 1 Dec
including new players

Total player count by date

Usually the starting date is the date of the first trophy earned.

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24,000 players (98%)
earned at least one trophy

~100% players
have other games besides Crisis VRigade on their account

82 games
the median number of games on accounts with Crisis VRigade

1 day
the median retention period (between the first trophy and the last gaming session), players without trophies are excluded

Popularity by region

Relative popularity
compared to other regions
Region's share
North America1.7x more popular37%
Central and South America6x less popular1.5%
Western and Northern Europe1.6x more popular47%
Eastern and Southern Europe3x more popular4%
Asia5x less popular0.4%
Middle East3x less popular0.6%
Australia and New Zealand2.5x more popular7%

Popularity by country

Relative popularity
compared to other countries
Country's share
Hungary4x more popular0.6%
United Kingdom3x more popular25%
Australia3x more popular7%
Finland2x more popular0.6%
Sweden2x more popular1.3%
Ireland1.9x more popular1.1%
Denmark1.9x more popular0.9%
Canada1.7x more popular6%
Belgium1.6x more popular1.7%
Norway1.4x more popular0.6%
Poland1.2x more popular1.3%
Germany1.2x more popular6%
Russia1.2x more popular2.5%
New Zealandworldwide average0.6%
United Statesworldwide average32%
Austria1.2x less popular0.4%
Turkey1.2x less popular0.6%
Netherlands1.3x less popular1.3%
South Korea1.3x less popular0.4%
Spain1.7x less popular2.5%
Italy2x less popular1.3%
France2x less popular3%
Portugal2.5x less popular0.2%
Switzerland2.5x less popular0.2%
Brazil3x less popular1.1%
Mexico4x less popular0.4%
Japan ~ 0%
Saudi Arabia ~ 0%
Argentina ~ 0%
Hong Kong ~ 0%
Chile ~ 0%
Emirates ~ 0%
Colombia ~ 0%
China ~ 0%
Taiwan ~ 0%
Every number is ±10% (and bigger for small values).
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