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Most Popular PS4 Games
[as of mid-November 2018]

Based on the "MyPS4Life leak".
MetascoreUser score Publisher PS+ status Comment
1Grand Theft Auto V55,700,0002014-11-18974.7Rockstar Games

2Call of Duty: Black Ops III54,500,0002015-11-06814.4Activision+Jun 2018

3Fortnite39,400,0002017-07-21784.3Epic Games

19.6 mln - America + Asia [myPS4Life]

19.8 mln - Europe + Australia [myPS4Life]

4FIFA 1832,800,0002017-09-26843.9Electronic Arts

5FIFA 1730,000,0002016-09-27854.2Electronic Arts

6FIFA 1628,300,0002015-09-22824.3Electronic Arts

7Call of Duty: WWII26,600,0002017-11-03794.4Activision


9Rocket League23,100,0002015-07-07854.7Psyonix+Jul 2015

10Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare22,100,0002016-11-04774.0Activision

11Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare21,500,0002014-11-03834.3Activision

12Uncharted 4: A Thief's End21,200,0002016-05-10934.9Sony Interactive Entertainment

13FIFA 1518,900,0002014-09-23824.5Electronic Arts

14The Last of Us (Remastered)18,000,0002014-07-29954.8Sony Interactive Entertainment

15Mortal Kombat X17,300,0002015-04-14834.7Warner Bros. Interactive

16Battlefield 115,700,0002016-10-18894.5Electronic Arts

17Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege15,300,0002015-12-01734.4Ubisoft Entertainment

18Star Wars: Battlefront15,300,0002015-11-17734.2Electronic Arts

19NBA 2K1614,700,0002015-09-25874.32K+Jun 2016


16.6 mln - PS3 + PS4 players [myPS4Life]

-2.5 mln - PS3 players [gamstat]

21Battlefield 413,900,0002013-11-12854.6Electronic Arts

22Horizon Zero Dawn12,700,0002017-02-28894.8Sony Interactive Entertainment

23Call of Duty: Ghosts12,600,0002013-11-15784.2Activision

24Warframe12,500,0002013-11-12644.3Digital Extremes

12.3 mln - world without China [myPS4Life]

0.2 mln - China [gamstat]

25Destiny 212,200,0002017-09-0685Activision+Sep 2018

26FIFA 1912,000,0002018-09-25833.6Electronic Arts

27Just Cause 312,000,0002015-12-01734.4Square Enix+Aug 2017

28Infamous: Second Son12,000,0002014-03-21804.6Sony Interactive Entertainment+Sep 2017

no myPS4Life video

29Bloodborne11,300,0002015-03-24924.8Sony Interactive Entertainment+Mar 2018

30Fallout 410,800,0002015-11-10874.7Bethesda Softworks

31The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt10,700,0002015-05-19924.9Warner Bros. Interactive

8.4 mln - original edition [myPS4Life]

1.7 mln - just GOTY Edition (Europe, Asia, Australia) [gamstat]

0.7 mln - just Complete Edition (America) [gamstat]

32DriveClub10,500,0002014-10-07714.3Sony Interactive Entertainment+Jul-Sep 2015
(PS+ Edition)

33Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain10,500,0002015-09-01934.7Konami+Oct 2017

34Overwatch10,400,0002016-05-23904.2Blizzard Entertainment

35Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Remastered)10,300,0002016-11-04834.5Activision

36Batman: Arkham Knight10,300,0002015-06-23874.7Warner Bros. Interactive

37Far Cry 410,200,0002014-11-18854.4Ubisoft Entertainment

no myPS4Life video

38Mafia III10,100,0002016-10-07684.02K+Aug 2018

39Watch Dogs10,000,0002014-05-27804.4Ubisoft Entertainment

40God of War9,700,0002018-04-20944.9Sony Interactive Entertainment

no myPS4Life video

41Need for Speed9,500,0002015-11-03664.3Electronic Arts

42LittleBigPlanet 39,500,0002014-11-18794.3Sony Interactive Entertainment+Feb 2017

43Ratchet & Clank9,500,0002016-04-12854.7Sony Interactive Entertainment+Mar 2018

44Paladins9,400,0002017-02-234.3Hi-Rez Studios

45God of War III (Remastered)9,400,0002015-07-14814.7Sony Interactive Entertainment+Sep 2018

46Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy9,300,0002017-06-30804.6Activision

9.3 mln - Crash Bandicoot [myPS4Life]

9.1 mln - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back [myPS4Life]

8.9 mln - Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped [myPS4Life]

47Call of Duty: Black Ops 49,200,0002018-10-12834.3Activision

48Assassin's Creed: Unity9,000,0002014-11-11704.2Ubisoft Entertainment

49Tom Clancy's The Division8,900,0002016-03-08804.3Ubisoft Entertainment

50Marvel's Spider-Man8,900,0002018-09-07874.8Sony Interactive Entertainment

51Hitman8,800,0002016-10-31844.2Square Enix1st episode - free
2nd - free in Mar 2018
3rd - free in Jul 2018

2.8 mln - played any episode except 1st [gamstat]

1.4 mln - played any episode except 1st-3rd [gamstat]

52Monster Hunter: World8,800,0002018-01-26904.8Capcom

53Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection8,600,0002015-10-09864.7Sony Interactive Entertainment

8.6 mln - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [myPS4Life]

5.6 mln - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [myPS4Life]

5.6 mln - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception [myPS4Life]

54DC Universe Online8,500,0002013-11-15754.1Sony Interactive Entertainment

2.8 mln - Europe + Australia [myPS4Life]

5.7 mln - America + Asia [gamstat]

55FIFA 148,400,0002013-11-1287Electronic Arts

56Injustice: Gods Among Us8,300,0002013-11-12804.3Warner Bros. Interactive+Dec 2014

3 mln - Europe + Australia [myPS4Life]

5.3 mln - America + Asia [gamstat]

57Blacklight: Retribution8,200,0002013-11-15584.2Hardsuit Labs

58Until Dawn8,100,0002015-08-25794.6Sony Interactive Entertainment+Jul 2017

59NBA 2K178,000,0002016-09-16882K

60Red Dead Redemption 27,700,0002018-10-26974.8Rockstar Games

61NBA 2K187,700,0002017-09-15804.22K

7.7 mln - world without China [myPS4Life]

<0.01 mln - China [gamstat]

62Need for Speed: Rivals7,500,0002013-11-15804.1Electronic Arts

63World of Tanks7,500,

64Dying Light7,500,0002015-01-27744.6Warner Bros. Interactive

65EA Sports UFC 27,400,0002016-03-15794.1Electronic Arts

66Assassin's Creed: Syndicate7,300,0002015-10-23764.5Ubisoft Entertainment

67Friday the 13th: The Game7,300,0002017-05-26614.4Gun Media+Oct 2018

2.9 mln - Europe + Australia [myPS4Life]

4.4 mln - America + Asia [gamstat]

68Battlefield Hardline7,100,0002015-03-17734.3Electronic Arts

69Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor7,000,0002014-09-30844.6Warner Bros. Interactive

5.2 mln - original edition [myPS4Life]

1.8 mln - just GOTY edition [gamstat]

70Watch Dogs 27,000,0002016-11-15824.4Ubisoft Entertainment

71Brawlhalla6,900,0002017-10-174.2Blue Mammoth Games

72Mad Max6,900,0002015-09-01694.5Warner Bros. Interactive+Apr 2018

73Far Cry Primal6,800,0002016-02-23764.6Ubisoft Entertainment

74Killzone: Shadow Fall6,700,0002013-11-15734.2Sony Interactive Entertainment

75Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag6,600,0002013-11-12834.7Ubisoft Entertainment

76Dead by Daylight6,600,0002017-06-20644.3Starbreeze Publishing+Aug 2018

77Assassin's Creed: Origins6,600,0002017-10-27814.7Ubisoft Entertainment

78Gran Turismo Sport6,600,0002017-10-17754.2Sony Interactive Entertainment

79Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands6,500,0002017-03-07704.4Ubisoft Entertainment

80Star Wars: Battlefront II6,500,0002017-11-14684.1Electronic Arts

81Rayman Legends6,200,0002014-02-18904.6Ubisoft Entertainment+May 2018

6.1 mln - world without China [myPS4Life]

0.1 mln - China [gamstat]

82Resident Evil 7: Biohazard6,000,0002017-01-24864.7Capcom

83Ark: Survival Evolved5,900,0002017-08-29694.2Wildcard Properties

84Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes5,800,0002014-03-18754.3Konami+Jun 2015

85Madden NFL 175,700,0002016-08-23824.2Electronic Arts

no myPS4Life video

86H1Z1: Battle Royale5,700,0002018-08-07664.0 Daybreak Games

2.6 mln - Europe + Australia [myPS4Life]

3.1 mln - America + Asia [gamstat]

87Madden NFL 185,600,0002017-08-22823.6Electronic Arts

88Diablo III: Reaper of Souls5,600,0002014-08-19904.7Blizzard Entertainment

89Far Cry 55,500,0002018-03-27814.3Ubisoft Entertainment

90Final Fantasy XV5,500,0002016-11-29814.5Square Enix

2.2 mln - Europe + Australia [myPS4Life]

2.3 mln - America [gamstat]

1 mln - Asia [gamstat]

91Madden NFL 165,400,0002015-08-25834.4Electronic Arts

92NBA 2K155,400,0002014-10-07832K

93Killing Floor 25,400,0002016-11-16754.3Tripwire Interactive+Jun 2017

94Trials Fusion5,200,0002014-04-15794.4Ubisoft Entertainment+Jun 2018

95Loadout5,100,0002014-12-1659Edge of Reality

5.1 mln - world without Hong Kong [myPS4Life]

<0.01 mln - Hong Kong [gamstat]

96 3on3 Freestyle5,100,0002016-12-063.8Joycity

1.9 mln - Europe [myPS4Life]

2.8 mln - America [gamstat]

0.4 mln - Asia [gamstat]

97The Crew5,000,0002014-12-02614.2Ubisoft Entertainment

98Smite5,000,0002016-03-24794.4Hi-Rez Studios

99PlanetSide 25,000,0002015-06-23784.3Daybreak Games

no myPS4Life video

100The Playroom4,900,0002013-11-154.2Sony Interactive Entertainment

no myPS4Life video

44 mln launched the game [gamstat]

4.9 mln earned at least one trophy [gamstat]

100The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim4,900,0002016-10-28814.8Bethesda Softworks

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