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PlayStation global stats [Archive]

The number of player accounts is double the number of consoles sold.

Player accounts (as of October 2020, with at least one game)
391 mln

Yearly active players
171 mln

PlayStation Plus subscribers in October 2020
48.5 mln

PSN player accounts by date and platform

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PS4 PS3 PS Vita

New Lifetime total


#1 – 21 April 2011 – PlayStation Network Outage
#2 – 15 May 2011 – PS3 security patch released
#3 – 16 September 2016 – PS4 Slim launch
#4 – 10 November 2016 – PS4 Pro launch

Distribution by platform (overall lifetime PSN player base)

PlayStation 3140,000,00036%
PlayStation 4190,000,00049%
PlayStation Vita7,100,0001.8%
PS3 + PS444,000,00011%
PS3 + PS Vita1,600,0000.4%
PS4 + PS Vita2,600,0000.7%
PS3 + PS4 + PS Vita4,200,0001.1%


Country Country's
in PSN
PSN player accounts Platforms Yearly
active players
Yearly active
players /
PS+ subscribers /
Yearly active players
Accounts with PS VR PS VR relative popularity Average number
of games
per account
Most popular games in the last year
United States33%130,000,00053,000,00016%36%2,900,00017CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    Minecraft
United Kingdom7%29,000,00010,000,00016%33%840,00016CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
France7%28,000,00010,000,00015%29%480,00014CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Germany5%20,000,0007,800,0009%32%440,00016CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Spain5%18,000,0007,300,00016%22%230,00013CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Japan5%18,000,0008,800,0007%34%450,00013Apex Legends    MHW: Iceborne    Monster Hunter: World
Brazil4%16,000,0007,900,0004%25%89,00015CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Canada3%12,000,0005,300,00014%32%320,00018CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    Minecraft
Italy3%11,000,0005,800,00010%23%210,00014CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Saudi Arabia2.5%8,900,0003,100,0009%15%63,00010FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Mexico2%8,000,0003,600,0003%14%58,00013CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Russia1.9%7,500,0004,400,0003%17%250,00017GTA V    FIFA 20    The Last of Us
Australia1.9%7,300,0003,100,00012%38%250,00016CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    Minecraft
Argentina1.8%7,000,0003,900,0009%13%38,00013CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Netherlands1.5%5,700,0002,500,00014%32%84,00014FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Hong Kong1.1%4,400,0002,200,00030%30%140,00015Monster Hunter: World    CoD Modern Warfare    NBA 2K20
Poland1.1%4,100,0002,200,0006%18%120,00015FIFA 20    Minecraft    GTA V
Belgium1%4,000,0001,700,00015%31%100,00017CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Chile1%3,800,0001,900,00010%17%16,00013CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Emirates0.8%3,300,0001,600,00017%14%46,00011CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Portugal0.8%3,000,0001,300,00013%18%52,00014FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Sweden0.6%2,400,0001,100,00011%34%72,00015FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Turkey0.6%2,200,0001,200,0001.4%20%22,00012FIFA 20    GTA V    CoD Modern Warfare
Colombia0.6%2,200,0001,200,0002.5%10%11,00011CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
New Zealand0.5%2,000,000760,00015%26%44,00013CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    Minecraft
Denmark0.5%1,900,000790,00014%40%50,00015FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Austria0.5%1,900,000780,0009%35%46,00016CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Switzerland0.5%1,800,000760,0009%38%49,00016CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Norway0.5%1,800,000760,00014%42%54,00015CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    Minecraft
China0.5%1,800,000790,0000.06%4%46,0005FIFA 20    RDR 2    NBA 2K20
Ireland0.5%1,800,000760,00016%38%50,00017CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Greece0.4%1,600,000810,0008%19%42,00016CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
South Africa0.4%1,500,000760,0001.3%20%18,00014CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
India0.4%1,400,000790,0000.06%16%12,00011CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Peru0.3%1,300,000780,0002.5%12%11,00010CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Finland0.3%1,300,000590,00011%28%31,00015CoD Modern Warfare    Minecraft    GTA V
Malaysia0.3%1,100,000730,0002%22%19,00014FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Czech Republic0.3%1,100,000630,0006%27%56,00019CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Indonesia0.3%1,100,000720,0000.3%16%10,00012FIFA 20    GTA V    CoD Modern Warfare
South Korea0.3%1,000,000620,0001.2%31%60,00017FIFA 20    The Last of Us    Monster Hunter: World
Romania0.3%1,000,000570,0003%17%17,00011FIFA 20    GTA V    CoD Modern Warfare
Kuwait0.2%940,000350,0008%22%10,00011CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Singapore0.2%930,000560,00010%25%13,00015CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Israel0.2%850,000490,0005%30%20,00011FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Taiwan0.2%850,000490,0002%38%31,00017Monster Hunter: World    MHW: Iceborne    NBA 2K20
Ukraine0.2%740,000550,0001.3%17%29,00016CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Qatar0.2%710,000180,0007%17%6,0008CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Ecuador0.2%650,000410,0002.5%12%2,00011CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Bulgaria0.2%620,000290,0004%14%8,00011GTA V    FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare
Hungary0.2%590,000370,0004%32%30,00019CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Costa Rica0.1%560,000360,0007%19%2,00012CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Thailand0.1%530,000370,0000.6%24%20,00015FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    God of War
Croatia0.1%510,000320,0008%17%10,00014CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Lebanon0.09%360,000190,0003%5%3,0008CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Oman0.09%350,000220,0005%10%2,00010FIFA 20    GTA V    CoD Modern Warfare
Uruguay0.08%300,000210,0006%18%2,00012FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Slovakia0.07%290,000180,0003%20%11,00015CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Guatemala0.07%280,000190,0001.1%16%2,00010CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Panama0.07%280,000160,0004%16%1,00011CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
El Salvador0.06%250,000150,0002%14%50010CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Paraguay0.06%220,000140,0002%10%1,00012CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Bahrain0.06%220,000100,0006%15%2,00010FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    Rocket League
Honduras0.05%210,000120,0001.4%10%70010FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V
Bolivia0.05%180,000140,0001.2%13%1,00010CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Luxembourg0.05%180,00072,00012%36%4,00015CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Cyprus0.04%180,00085,00010%20%2,00011CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    GTA V
Slovenia0.04%140,00082,0004%19%3,00013CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20
Iceland0.03%110,00050,00014%35%3,00012CoD Modern Warfare    FIFA 20    Minecraft
Malta0.03%100,00042,0009%25%2,00010FIFA 20    CoD Modern Warfare    Rocket League
Nicaragua0.02%75,00046,0000.7%9%30011CoD Modern Warfare    GTA V    FIFA 20

PlayStation VR

Accounts with PS VR required games
8.1 mln

Yearly active PS VR players
5.9 mln

PS VR required
games on account
1 2 mln 27%
2 1.6 mln 20%
3 1.2 mln 14%
4 0.8 mln 10%
5 0.6 mln 8%
6–10 1.3 mln 15%
>10 0.5 mln 6%

New PS VR players

Number of games on account

on account
in PSN
Share of all PSN accounts Share of all PSN games
on these accounts
1–5 177 mln 45% 7%
6–10 69 mln 18% 9%
11–15 40 mln 10% 9%
16–20 26 mln 7% 8%
21–25 18 mln 5% 7%
26–35 22 mln 6% 11%
36–50 17 mln 4% 12%
51–75 12 mln 3% 12%
76–100 5 mln 1.3% 8%
101–150 4 mln 1.1% 8%
>150 2.5 mln 0.7% 10%

Average number of games per account

Median PSN game's player count

Accounts with just one game
56 mln

Games that most often become the only game on the account:
PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops II10%
PS3 Grand Theft Auto V6%
PS4 Grand Theft Auto V4%
PS4 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege4%
PS4 FIFA 204%
PS4 FIFA 183%
PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops3%
PS4 FIFA 193%
PS4 Call of Duty: Black Ops III2.5%
PS4 FIFA 162.5%
PS4 FIFA 172.5%
PS4 Rocket League1.8%
PS3 FIFA 141.8%
PS4 Apex Legends1.7%
PS4 Minecraft1.6%
PS3 FIFA 131.4%
PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 21.3%
PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV1.1%
PS3 FIFA 161%
PS4 FIFA 150.9%
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